Study Overview

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained WSP to undertake a Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for improvements to the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 15 in the Town of Carleton Place.

A traffic analysis completed as part of the study identified future capacity issues at the Highway 7 and McNeely Avenue intersection. In order to address these issues and identify solutions along the Highway 7 corridor, the study area for the Class EA Study has been expanded easterly along Highway 7 to include the Highway 7 and McNeely Avenue intersection to approximately 550 m east of McNeely Avenue.

The study area now includes the following:

  • Highway 15 / Franktown Road northerly approximately 430 m to Alexander Street;
  • Highway 7 westerly approximately 360 m to the abandoned CPR/multi-use trail corridor;
  • Highway 15 southerly approximately 850 m; and
  • Highway 7 easterly approximately 550 m east of McNeely Avenue.

Study Area Location


The objectives of this study include:

  • Identifying improvements to the Highway 7 / Highway 15 and Highway 7 / McNeely Avenue intersections to meet interim and long-term transportation needs;
  • Reviewing accesses for commercial entrances and intersections to Highway 7 and Highway 15 to ensure safe and efficient traffic operations and to support on-going and proposed development of surrounding lands; and
  • Considering all road users including active transportation and recreational trail users.

In parallel with the Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study, MTO and WSP are working with the Town of Carleton Place on a separate study to develop a Secondary Plan under the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 for lands surrounding the Highway 7 and Highway 15 intersection. The Secondary Plan will be presented to the Town of Carleton Place Council for adoption.